Nike Zoom Gravity Sneakers macbook black
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Nike Zoom Gravity Sneakers macbook black

Between 2008 and 2009, more than 130 world records, across all distances and strokes, were smashed.

Here, every style can be customised to your preferred colour, heel height, width and shape! While the service is available online, we recommend making an appointment in person for a truly bespoke experience.

Recent studies have shown that some insoles can improve proprioception and reduce falls.

The new Ultraboosts are here, and they’ve had a sleek design overhaul.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged High Top

MQM stands for move quickly through the mountains—and that's exactly what this lightweight shoe delivers.

Balancing nostalgia and modern technology, the Adidas Forum Tech design fully celebrates the last 20 years of Xbox.

Get it from Amazon for $29.

Unlike in years past, today’s shelves are stocked with a variety of shoe types that run the gamut in style and fit.

Which kind of makes it sound like one of those eBay scams where they send you a print-out instead of the actual item, but rest assured: these are real shoes.

You don't have to be an athlete, you could just be a kid that's curious about style.

By the first few decades of the 1900s, the market for athletic shoes exploded and designs multiplied.

Widely spaced lugs offer good traction and shed mud more easily.

Best For: High-quality footwear built for comfort

Get your feet measured every time you buy shoes – it is common for one foot to be larger than the other, and your foot size and shape can change as you age.

They fit true to size, and now I could only hope they’ll last as long as my precious pair of sneakers (seven years).

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Nike Pegasus 3 Mesh Trail, £114.

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